Kamis, 11 November 2010

Succeeding With AdSense Is More Than Just A Fantasy

These days, more and more online entrepreneurs are joining the AdSense bandwagon, what with the many rewards that can be gained from this PPC program. There are reports of people earning as much as $20,000 per month from the AdSense program. This fact alone can encourage anyone to at least give this income channel a try.

How can you achieve the most success in your AdSense campaign?

The More, The Merrier

For starters, you have to remember that one website will rarely give you the results you can consider as profitable. Though it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars per month from one website, it is very difficult. You have to drive an enormous volume of traffic to such a website to start earning a lot from the clicks you will gain from your visitors.

Besides, with your AdSense account, you’re not limited to using it on just a single website? You can use the same AdSense account on numerous websites. Settling on just one website would be an unusual choice, since you can earn more by having 10, 20 or even 100 websites in the World Wide Web.

Let’s look at it this way. If you have a single website earning $10 a day (a patsy amount in this day and age), you’ll earn $300 per month from AdSense.

But if you have 10 such websites, you’d earn $3,000 per month!

So which would you rather choose? A single website or more websites capable of producing consistent numbers?

Three Requisites Of AdSense Success

To succeed with the AdSense program, you’d need to ensure 3 things for each and every website you will build. Let’s take a look at these vital factors which will spell the difference between success and failure with the AdSense program:

1. You have to choose keywords with high costs per click (CPC). The CPC will determine how much you’ll receive every time a visitor of yours will click on the ad sent by Google AdSense. To get an idea about the going rates of certain keywords, try out the free tool at www.adsensearena.com . You can also see how much advertisers are bidding for certain keywords at http://uv.bidtool.overture.com/d/USm/search/tools/bidtool .

2. You need to have a high volume of ad impressions. This means that you need to generate a lot of traffic for your website. This can be accomplished by sound search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, as well as some marketing strategies.

3. You need to achieve a high click through rate (CTR) for your websites. CTR refers to the ratio of successful clicks per number of visitors. The higher your CTR, the higher you stand to earn from Google AdSense. CTR can be improved through clever and effective ad positioning. This consist of choosing the right ad display, the right ad placement, and the right content to attract the desired ads.

Content Is King

Building a website is more than just an implementation of proper design sensibilities. You need to add high quality content sharing some very valuable information. Websites are driven by content and nothing more. If you have junk content, your foray into PPC programs will be useless, as you won’t have visitors who will be interested enough to view the ads displayed in your pages.

Also, good content will make sure that your website will get fetched by the search engine spiders. This is important because 80% of the traffic you will be able to generate for your website will come from the search engines. Constantly updating your website with fresh, premium content will ensure that the search engine spiders will constantly monitor your pages and they will fetch the same for every relevant query.